How to Encourage a Doctor's Visit

Our Conversation Coach Can Help

If you have a loved one who refuses to see a medical professional, be it skipping an annual check-up or resisting a visit when they’re hurt or sick, you might be worried about the effect their avoidance will have on their health. You may need to address the importance of seeking routine medical care with them, especially if they have risk factors for a silent condition (such as osteoporosis or arthritis) or if they are experiencing symptoms they think will resolve on their own (such as bone pain or joint pain).

It may take more than one conversation, and you may find it difficult to get started—or keep the chat’s momentum going, especially if you sense your loved one is shutting you out. Our Conversation Coach can help avoid communication pitfalls by simulating a respectful and effective conversation between you and your loved one. It’ll provide you with clear and accurate talking points to help encourage a doctor’s visit, both for preventive care and in response to symptoms.

Note: The conversations below address encouraging an elder to visit the doctor in response to a fall or for preventive care, but can be applied to other loved ones and situations in your life as needed.

Abby Norman

By Abby Norman
Norman is a freelance science writer and medical editor. She is the author of "Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain."